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Why Learn This Skill:
Lalor Gardens Primary School
NEWSLETTER 20th November 2014 Issue 37
Dear Parents, Students and Friends of the Lalor Gardens Primary School Community
* Respect * Learning * Empathy * Resilience * Responsibility*
Teamwork is very important at our school and used in many ways. You need teamwork if you are in a sports team, a mu- sic group, a cooperative learning group or when trying to complete or make something that requires cooperation.
Teamwork is all about working with others to produce the best team result. It is about using your talents and interests with others to achieve something together.
What You Can Try:
Encourage others in your group to do their best
Put the team interests ahead of your own interests
Recognise everyone’s contribution to the team and congratulate them What You Should Avoid:
Don’t criticise team members even when things go wrong
Don’t try to dominate them
Making Decisions in a Group
Why Learn This Skill?
There are all sorts of ways to make a decision in a group. Sometimes a decision has to be made as a group for the good of everyone, so that everyone benefits. In some situations, if one person makes the decision for everyone because that is what that person wants then some people will be disappointed and not get the best deal. When we make decisions in a group, we can negotiate, suggest and persuade so that we can hear everyone’s ideas and discuss the best solution. We need to listen to everyone’s point of view and then work together to make the decision.
There are other ways to make decisions in the group. You could try:
A majority vote (like in elections)
Giving the leader the right to make the decision Taking it in turns to make the decision
Agree with the person who feels most strongly What you should avoid:
Don’t just ask one or two people, ask everyone Don’t see it as losing if your idea is not accepted
There has been a confirmed case of Whooping Cough at the school which is contagious. If your child has a fever and cough please consult your doctor. An information pamphlet is being sent home
with today’s newsletter.
Principal : Anne Hule School Phone No.: 9465 1351 www.lalorgardensps.vic.edu.au

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